About My Work

As an artist truly inspired by the captivating work of artists like Paula Rego and legendary animators such as Walt Disney, my artwork revolves around fairy tales and fantasy. My intentions are to transport my audience into the mythical world of enchanted stories and scenes. At the beginning of last semester I was particularly interested in castles and enchanted fairy tale lands and I intended to show not only the good in fairy tales but that there is also a dark side to each story, much like in real life. Now I look more at scenes that can be used in both fairy tales and real life to show the connections between the two.

My main body of work was intentionally going to be digital animations of fairy tales projected into interior installations of a scene from a fairy tale, bringing the story itself to life. However, since then my work has evolved into more painted installations and the use of live models in a performance piece rather than digital. On some occasions, I use ready-mades and create sculptures that will also be featured in my installations and are also good to be displayed on their own.

The intentions of my work was previously to show the true meaning of fairy tales with hopes that my audience would feel part of the story themselves. Since then my work has progressed and I now focus on the work itself rather than the narrative behind it and leave the story down to the viewers’ own interpretation.

A main interest of mine is theatre design and the relationship between theatre art and installation art. The connection between the two is very strong and although they are from completely different fields of art, they are very similar in both purpose and representation. My intention is now to create artwork that is considered to be both installation are and theatre art and combine the two in a whole new art genre. Many artists have touch upon this but I would very much like to bring the theatre into an art gallery.


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