Moving on from my last installation, it’s about time to start planning another. My last Autumn scene project was a huge success, mainly thanks to the total installation aspect of it . However, I received a few comments stating that there was something missing, an actor. Many viewers said that my installation reminded them of a theatre set and the only thing missing was an actor. My original intention was just to create an effective installation that the audience could feel a part of. From that, my work and intentions have evolved into a more theatrical subject matter.

I now intend to create a crossover between installation art and theatre art, combining the two in a new art genre. This is pushing the boundaries of modern art. I have learnt this year that the line between installation and theatre is a lot thinner than some might think. I have discovered this through my own art work and through comments during my Shaun Project Space critiques.

I have started to plan a new installation which will be my final installation of Fine Art- Stage 2. As opposed to painting, I have decided to play around with lights and coloured torches to light the room and test the effectiveness in comparison to my last painted installation. My subject matter in my last two installations has been mainly focused around the outdoors. To differ from this I have decided to create an indoor setting featuring a ballroom with chandeliers and fancy gowns. My first installation, Sleeping Curse, featured a live actor and was quite popular with the viewers. I have decided to bring this aspect into my new ballroom installation and feature numerous female live actresses within the theatre/installation.


I have decided that the models will be wearing ballgowns and masquerade masks to symbolize a masquerade ball. This ties in a little with my previous fairy tale narrative which is good but I do not intend to focus so much on hidden meanings and look more at the overall outcome as opposed to a narrative. I have started to make some drawings and sketches of what I would like the actresses to wear. I have created the pictures above using water-colour pencil in my sketchbook. Two prominent colours I would like my theatre/installation to feature are purple and blue.  Purple symbolizes royalty, power, luxury, and magic which are all relevant to this artwork. Blue symbolizes tranquility, wisdom, calmness and heaven. Together, these colours are strong which is exactly the kind of work I intend to create.




Chandeliers are to be a prominent feature in my artwork representing wealth. Whenever I hear the word ballroom I instantly think of chandeliers, ballgowns, and music. I would like my theatre/installation to include all of these qualities. I have started to draw some chandeliers in my sketchbook as one possibility of the inclusion of chandeliers in my installation would be to draw them and include them in the installation that way. Other possibilities involve buying wall stickers or making sculptures. I would like for my theatre/installation to take up a whole room such as the Shaun Project Space and have music playing and for people to walk in and out of the room and view the installation with hopes to receive some feedback.

A simple layout plan for my ballroom installation.

A simple layout plan for my ballroom installation.


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