After the success of my last painting installation, I decided to create another but this time bigger. Rather than just have the one painted canvas sheet, I decided to paint two that would join together in the corner of a room. Once again I chose to paint an outdoor forest scene but this time use oranges and browns to create an autumn scene as opposed to a spring/summer scene.

I stretched and stapled two 9.5oz canvas sheets to my studio wall approximately 7.8ft x 6ft and 7.8ft x 5ft. However I did have some problems with one of the canvases as the wall it was stapled to was concreted and the staples came out of one side whilst I was priming the canvas and the canvas creased along one side. I resolved this problem by only painting on the stretched part of the canvas and cutting the creased canvas off.



I used similar painting techniques on this painting as I did on my last forest scene painting, horizontal brushstrokes on the ground, vertical on the tree trunks and stippling on the plants and leaves.

The paintings themselves have a warm feeling to them influenced by the warm colours used but also feel quite lonely and isolated as there are no people present in the image. The purpose of this installation has many purposes. One is to open a window to the audience making them feel as though they can walk through the installation and into the painting itself almost like a portal to another dimension. Another is the painting serves as a back drop to the objects/people in front. Another thing worth mentioning is that the story behind the installation is completely down the the viewer’s interpretation. I am now focusing less on the narrative behind the work and more on the art itself.






The composition of the image came purely from my imagination. I like to compare this installation with my previous forest installation. I like to compare the composition, the colours, and the painting marks. I feel that the composition and colours are stronger in this piece as the warmth of the colours used are incredibly effective and the composition of the trees is more creative. However I feel the painting marks in my first painting installation were stronger as I used a greater range of brush techniques where as this is more minimalist.

Overall I personally believe that this painting has worked well and is not only a successful painting but a successful installation also. The painting as a whole is simple but effective and serves it’s purpose as an installation, a visual portal, and a theatrical back-drop. From here I intend to go on to create indoor scenery installations and compare them to the two installations I have already created.


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